Well today we were actually scheduled for a rest day but for reasons that will become obvious shortly, I am already up and preparing for what I hope will be a good day racing on the water.

Day 1
After all the preparation and anticipation it was finally here Day 1 of the worlds. Both Mary and I were stoked to get racing. Like most mornings we had experienced so far the wind was very light early on in the day, and we were left under a postponement while the breeze filled in.

Knowing that we didn't have any coach support and thus a tow to the race area we were wary of being ready so we could start sailing as soon as we were released. That we did, but despite our incredibly organised efforts and non stop sailing from our launch flag going up we only just arrived at the race course on time! Cue bobbing up and down in next to no wind and subsequently eating all my snacks before racing has even attempted to get started. We were eventually sent back to the beach while the wind settled and filled. But that was where we stayed. The wind failed to pick up and we were shore based for the rest of the day until finally being sent home at about 6pm.

Day 2
It all seemed to be going the same way at the previous day, we arrived to a glass out. But it wasn't long before some wind filled and we were back out on the race course. We were first out there and did a little practice in the current conditions. Through all the time we spent sailing before the start one side of the race track seemed to be consistently benefiting. Out of start one we knew where we were trying to get to, alas it was the complete other side of the course that the extra breeze reached first. We were very deep at the first mark, but focused and clawed a few spots back on a very short race. Race 2 we wanted to make up for it, Following a blinding start we rounded mark 1 in about 5/6th and by the leeward mark we were up to 3rd. But we had a very messy final lap and after some silly errors dropped a little to 10th. It was good to know we can mix it at the front though. Just need to see a little more of it!

Day 3
This is the one that take the biscuit. Having stuggled for wind all regatta so far, we arrived at the boat part to find the other fleet already postponed due to too much! It was pretty fresh but despite keeping the nacras ashore, they sent out both the 49er and 49erFX classes which provided a lot of entertainment. Both classes were fairly quickly called back to the beach because of the strong winds.


After a very long wait for the wind to drop a little they sent the other fleet of nacras, who in their words 'blasted all the way to the start line to be met by another glass out' We were left ashore while they attempted to start but to no avail. So another long boat park day, before heading home at 19.00!

That takes us to now Day 4, 
Our fleet is supposed to start at 12.30 today, with the other fleet racing before us. The forecast looks a little better today, so fingers crossed. Lets see what happens.

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