Well for what seemed like so long a away 2 weeks ago, the regatta has come around really rather quickly! Over the last couple of days Mary and have been putting the final touches to the campaign before racing kicks off tomorrow. 

After a relentless program since arriving here, we allowed our selves a full day off on Friday. We drove down the coast a little further to one of the more popular Surfing beaches. It was a great day full of surfing, hole digging and beach games, fairly typical 'Tom' style activities. 

Having had a full day off we arrived at the boat park on saturday raring to go. First things first we needed to get through measurement, this is where they officials check that the boat is legal and we haven't been doing any sneaky changes. You will be happy to know that i am indeed a very good, well behaved boy and we sailed through measurement. 

Following measurement the real work started. This is the World championships so we were leaving no stone unturned. It was all hands to polishing, sanding, cleaning and generally making Blink look and perform her best.

After a fairly extreme make over Blink is looking particularly good! We eventually put her to bed after a long day in the sun and after a quick frozen yoghurt, we retreated to our accommodation a little sun battered.

This takes us through until today, the final day before battle commences. After another very light wind morning,

We managed to get out for a short sharp sail this afternoon just to check all the systems were working well and have a quick speed check against a few other boats. Everything worked smoothly and despite the very light winds we seemed to be going pretty well in our tune ups. Now we are both back at the accommodation resting before tomorrow. We have 3 races planned on the inner most course so it could be a little unpredictable!

The last few weeks really have flown by, but given the opportunities we as a team have had, I can truly say we are prepared as we will ever be, and from here on in its a matter of throwing everything we have at it and seeing how we pop out at the end!

So here goes nothing, Lets do this!

Cheers for all of your continued support.



PS. Hopeing for some more days like this during the regatta!