So here we are, the last day of racing at the worlds. When i last left you we had been mostly struggling for wind all week and were a long way behind on races. Well since then the race management have been on a mission to catch up and fortunately the weather has been on our side a little more too!

Day 4,
We had 3 races scheduled, and we needed to get them in so that the fleet could be split into Gold and Silver groups. Based on the fact the split was 50/50 it was important for us to finish in the top half of the fleet as much as possible.

We had some great pace on the water, and although the wind was more sailable today, it was still very shifty and very up and down. This meant some very snakes and ladders racing. Im pretty sure we were in the top 10 at one point in all the races, but we just seemed to be in the 'snakes' phase when we go to the finish! that said we had a very solid day and firmly secured our position in the Gold fleet.

Day 5,
So now the real racing begins, All the big boys in one group, and now true measure of how well you are doing. The wind was up again, and at time is was really windy. We took our great speed from the previous day and carried it through on the first beat of race 1 we were right up there, and then it happened. Something i haven'`t done for a long time, a small mistake in the gybe lead to a capsize. And because of the way the boat fell it was really awkward to right it. We eventually got the boat back up right and managed to chip off a few tail enders before finishing. Not our finest hour. But in the following races we made up for it, consistently finishing in or just out side the top 10. So despite our little whoopsy in race one we climbed the results to 21st. 

All to play for today, the points are all still quite close so we are really hoping carry on up the leader board. Medal race cut off is 10th which might be a bit of a struggle but who knows!

Tracking at

Cheers for now, check back to see how it ended up.