Unlike many summers of late and because of how the season is structured this year, I had the complete joy of being based here in Falmouth for most of the warm months. And what a great month it has been.

Just so you know this post is basically an advert for Cornwall and awesome it is.

Alongside working for Windsport I have made tome for a lot of fun. Some great weather this year has meant that without a doubt cornwall is the place to be. The first of my extra curricular activities included watching the stunning Webb Sisters, in an out door concert on top of the headland overlooking falmouth. It was a gorgeous evening, and some brilliant music. 


July was a perfect month and there were so many picture perfect mornings,

A personal highlight from the summer for me every year is Falmouth week. This year was no exception, a good friend of mine Paddy came down from bristol and we completed in the what I now know as the highly competitive Shrimper class. Despite some very school boy errors we had a great time, sailing at a much slower pace gave us a better opportunity to sneak in the odd gin and tonic. 

Learning as we went we slowly became a little more competitive, and at the peak of our shrimper racing careers secured a 2nd.

Another exciting part of the summer was the numerous beach fires had on the beach. Glorious sunsets, great bbq food and stunning music played by our very accomplished house artist (soon to be famous i'm sure) made for some what can only be described as 'perfect' evenings. 

I have also furthered my modelling career over the summer. Typhoon's new wet and drysuit collection made me look very presentable on the beach. I was very generously joined by Amelia who graciously showed off the female range. Despite my now very practice blue steel modelling face, I suspect there may be a few more ladies wetsuits sold than male! 

I am sure you have seen the ALS ice bucket challenge, well i was very generously nominated by my good friend Tom SJ, here is my attempt at making the challenge a little more fun. Please excuse the screaming.

Finally, and most importantly. In recent weeks I have had Mary here in cornwall to put some serious hours in on the water before leaving for the Worlds in Santander on the 2nd of september. 

We had some great days on the water in a range of conditions. It was great to have some focused time to work on our personal boat handling, and we now feel as though we wont be quite so caviller around the race course.

We are both looking forward to getting out to Spain now and the final build up before racing starts on the 14th Sept.

Stay tuned as we get closer and closer to the biggest regatta of the year.