Having a had a truly amazing summer in Cornwall, it is now back to business. 

On Tuesday I left the now quiet shire of Mylor and made my way across the UK the Portsmouth ferry port. Here i met up with Tom and Alicia where to save costs we loaded both boats into my trailer and then boarded the long ferry to Santander.

The ferry was spread over 24hrs, which meant we needed to kill a lot of time. Having lost at both the bingo and quiz - the rest of the passengers had a lot more life experience, if you know what i mean - our most successful entertainment was definitely the cinema.

photo 2.JPG

Needless to say we were all fairly relieved when there was some land on the horizon and we began to near Santander Spain.

We are of course here for the ISAF world championships, which for us start a week on Monday. Between now and then its a case of getting as much time on the water in as possible without burning ourselves out.

Yesterday was our first full day here and over the morning we arranged our selves in the boat park and slowly put the boat back together. The sun was out and  by the time we were ready to sail the wind was just filling in.

We had a great afternoon on the water, and joined in with a little of the communal training. Our speed seemed good, especially upwind. Though a few little technical difficulties made life a little harder. We will have them sorted today. 

Over the next week and a bit, we plan to be on the water lots so i will try and get some good photos and keep you all updated as to our pre worlds build up.

Cheers all