Having arrived home on Sunday evening, and just about managing to stay up for the World Cup final there really is no rest for the wicked. This week has been relentless. 

Monday was a 'get things back to normal' day, involving a lot of things including, reorganising the car from the small living space I had created back to its original layout, unloading the trailer, washing out some very smelly salty kit and a quick house shop for the standard milk and bread (probably the most stressful part for me) 

All the sailing recently has left a fairly Nacra sized hole in the bank account, so as always when I'm home I work for windsport in order to refill the sailing fund and make the next regatta possible. This week I have been working with a great pair of guys, Steve and Finley are previous sailors of mine and after 2 years away from sailing they felt it was time for a recap. Great to see them back again, shaking the rust off and flying around on the D16. 

Over the next few weeks, I will,be balancing my time between working for windsport, getting some jobs done on the Nacra (I have some good mods coming) and hopefully having some fun around Cornwall too! 

More Cornish antics coming soon!