Yesterday following getting through measurement and registration yesterday we took the opportunity to get away from the boat park and spent a very nice afternoon relaxing on a near by beach, While Zennor braved to cold and got in the sea i was much more land based. 

After a nice relaxing day yesterday, Today was were back into race mode. It was the final day before racing starts and was taken up by a combination of some final boat prep/polishing, and getting out on the water for a last training session and the official practice race. 

We woke to the sound of rain, which was a new experience. And after waiting for the showers to go through and intermittently watching the Chinese GP (nice work Lewis) we left for the boat park. With the boat up on chocks we were able to get in underneath her and shine up the hulls, a few other little tidy ups and she was set for racing. The official practice race wasn't scheduled to start until 1500 but we left the beach right after lunch to get some sailing in before. The practice race went really well, back into the lighter end of the breeze spectrum we knew we would be strong. After a great start, and spotting the breeze early we sailed a blinder of a first beat and lead to the top mark, some superior down wind boat speed saw us extend our lead, and on the second lap it was just a matter of covering our position. In traditional fashion it is unlucky to finish the practice race so we bailed out half way down the final run, but it was nice to know we lead the race the entire time we were in it! 

Tomorrow is the real thing, and the winds looks like it should be a little stronger which will make things a little more fun. Check back during the regatta to see how things are going!