Zennor and I have been here in Hyeres now for nearly a week, and we have spend some good time on the water. In true Hyeres fashion the wind has either been 2 or 20+ Knots with nothing in between. 

The strong wind training has been very welcome, after Palma regatta we knew this was the area we could make the biggest gains in. While we know we still have a way to go, after putting in some good hours in the breeze we seem to be getting there. We are learning more and more about the boat and how to set it up, but we are also learning how she likes to be sailed.

Today (Saturday) is the first day of measurement,and after a busy week on the water our plan is to get through registration and measurement this morning, and then use the rest of our day to see a little of the surrounding area. Tomorrow is the final day before racing so we will be down putting some final race touches to the boat before competing in the the practice race. 

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