After a very nice 'mini break' for me in Cornwall, and for Zennor in Palma, we are now back to business. After reconvening in Palma on saturday we spent 24hrs travelling, and eventually arrived in Hyeres, France.

Following the relocation, we used all of yesterday to put the boat together and do a few small jobs to her. Also my father had agreed to come out and work with us for a few days so he arrived towards the end of the day. After a long day of traveling, boat building and sunshine we were definitely ready for bed.

So now to today, Firstly i really want to thank John and Andy Dinsdale from JDS Sports, they are supporting our training at Hyeres by providing us with a new design VSR Rib. The coach has given it a bit thumbs up! Once again thanks John and Andy. We arrived at the beach relatively early this morning, and in true early bird style, scored our selves the best spot in the new boat park. After a morning of tinkering while the wind filled in, we hit the water in a building breeze. Working with one of the other British teams and the coach we had a really productive session on the water. Starting a little on the back foot, we found our legs by the end and were flying!

fingers crossed for more sun and breeze tomorrow!