I am now back in a particularly grey and rainy cornwall, and it has never looked so good! As with anything in life, going away is great but it does make you appreciate home!

I think a fair way of describing Hyeres regatta is by saying that we are steadily improving. At the start of the week our goal was to naturally do as well as possible but to our perform ourselves in Palma. Given the fact that Hyeres is generally pretty windy and there were now more boats than ever we knew that it would be a fight. The good news is we delivered. 

Over the week, I think there was 1 race where we weren't flat out twin wiring. Due to the fact that the stronger winds have been our trickiest conditions to date, we were really pleased to becoming increasingly competitive over the week. It is still obvious that there is some way to go in those conditions, but we are moving in the right direction. Another personal satisfaction was getting right back in there on the start line. By the end of the week I feel as though i was back to my feisty self on the line and we had some great starts. In the final race of the regatta, we undoubtably has the best start of the fleet, perfectly off the pin up to speed and flying

As i said we are now back in cornwall. This week the boat is in for some TLC after a a bit of bump and grind in Hyeres, so we are concentrating on some admin, fitness and some down time. Next week we have another team coming to cornwall for some intensive training. The aim to to really work on our upwind boat speed in the breeze. So if any of you guys are in and around falmouth harbour, look out for to 2 Nacra 17s absolutely flying around!

stay tuned for some pictures and updates during the training!