We are nearing the end of this block of training now, This is the last day of sailing as we have packing up to do tomorrow before the flight home. The last few days have been mainly pretty light and we have focused on more of the boat handling rather than speed.

Lucy and I have moved on along way which is great and in most of the short course races we have done, we are at or are battling at the front of the pack. This is all in preparation for the first major regatta that is coming up at the beginning of April in Palma. The we will really see how we stand on the world circuit.


During the camp the classes take it in turns to help out with the catering, This is me rustling up a Lasagne for the squad, I have never seen so much mince meat!

As I said we fly home tomorrow for a rest period, It will be nice spend some time with friends, girlfriend and family. I have bulit up some good video footage from this training block so will try to put together an edit so that you can see us in action!

Be sure to check back soon.