Since getting back from Spain, I have been busy and I am now already sat in the airport waiting to return for another training block. Here is what has been going on in the mean time,

On return to the UK I met up with my beautiful girlfriend in London, where we spent the weekend, doing all things touristy and catching up with friends that we don't often get the chance to see. It was a great weekend, but we both agreed that despite the excitement of the big city we are country folk and were quite happy to travel back to Cornwall on the Sunday evening.

During the week I balanced my time between, working for my parents, getting my own personal jobs done and also trying to find some time to relax. The highlight of my week was definitely going for supper in the best seafood restaurant in town. I love scallops! I recommend the "Wheel House" in Falmouth to anyone!

But the busyness of the week was dwarfed by the weekend. Over the weekend it was the RYA Dinghy Show at Alexandra Palace in London. As a family we made trip up from Conwall to exhibit the now UK built Dart 18 and Sprint 15. I have been to a lot of dinghy shows but I always seem to forget how much standing up there is - note for next year, take a deck chair!- The show was great and alongside promoting the boats I found time to go around and talk to lots of people and raise awareness of the new Olympic campaign. I'm sure something will come from one of my discussions!

Oh and for any of you keen beans you read Yachts and Yachting, Check out the inside back cover, you might recognize the handsome face! :-)

Back to the here and Now, I'm in Costa with a massive "Caffee con Leche" awaiting the rest of the squad before we fly out to Spain for another week of training. I should have a better internet connection down there this time (Ethernet cable packed) so be sure to check for updates soon!