Yesterday I started the long and logistical process of relocating to Murcia in Spain. As a squad we have decided to use the location as our winter training base, so that we are able to get good hours on the water and not be affected by the British winter weather.

I left Falmouth at mid day on Thursday and with the large box trailer in tow traveled up to Southampton for leg 1 of the trip. In Southampton I meet up with fellow squad member John Gimson, acquired and RYA van and loaded the trailer for the next step.

Leg 2, Southampton on route to Den Hauge (Holland) Via the Dover-Callais Ferry. We left at 6am and managed to make good time to dover for a slighly earlier than expected 9.30 ferry. After arriving in Callais, we headed towards Holland and the Nacra Factory for boat collection. After a long drive and some interesting town driving with a 9m Trailer we found Nacra HQ, Loaded up the new boats and then started Leg 3.

Leg 3 is a biggy, 1308 miles to be exact! After 4 hours driving John and I have just stopped, had some dinner and are about to get some sleep because tomorrow is a big driving day.

Road trip antics have been minimal so far, so expect something to happen tomorrow!