Since the last training week things have been a bit all over the shop.

Last week Steve (coach) had organised us a surprise squad team building day, the only information we had was to arrive at the RYA compound with some walking boots and and pair of head phones. We did that and jumped in the van, all very excited to know what the activity was. I became very clear that the walking boots we a decoy, as we found out that Steve had arranged for us to record a song as a squad. We walked into a large hall to find a full band set up, guitars, drums, keyboards and mics. I was a great day. With my limited experience i played an electric guitar for the first time, John was on drums and Rupert on the keys. while the rest of the squad made up a very 'soulful' vocal group!

It was a great day and we all had a lot of fun, im not sure we quite ready to drop the sailing and start a band but we didnt make a complete mess of it either!

Me rocking out!

Me rocking out!

So back to the real world. I am back in Weymouth this week for a full week of training. Lucy is around all week and provided the weather plays ball we should get plenty of time in on the water. We sail yesterday in a fresh wind which was great fun, a few capsizes but some more massive steps forward. Today is Tuesday and we have allocated this day for fitness testing and bench marking. After 4 years at uni where fitness wasn't at the top of my priorities i have a feeling that i will have a bit of a way to go! but today will then provide me with a specific training plan and then i can get on a focus on getting my self into shape.

Back on the water Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. so check back soon to see how the sailing and fitness testing went!

Cheers TP