Not such a productive week. I have been in Weymouth again for the last week and as anyone in the UK can tell you the weather has been been........crap (or another 4 letter word). Unfortunately due to this out of a possible 6 days of sailing we only managed 1!

It wasn't all bad though, the one day we were on the water was great. The conditions were fairly light and lucy and I seemed on fire upwind. The whole squad agreed that we were the quickest upwind on the day. We still have some work to do downwind but our speed definitely improved over the day.

The rest of my time in Weymouth was mostly spent visiting the gym or playing some very highly contested table tennis.

I'm back home now for a few day where i will help out and work for Windsport. But we have a surprise squad day booked in for Thursday this week. I have a feeling its some sort of team building exercise, but we will see!

Have a look at the video i have attached for some of our early training footage! point for the dismount surely!