Sorry for the delay in writting this, This Internet is medieval down here!

We are now in Spain, based in a sailing academy in a town called Murcia.

I should start by finishing off the road trip gossip. The second day of our long drive was far more eventful. After Tomtom sending us on the inner ring road around Paris, thing got a little busy, and when in control of a big van and trailer set up, driving on the wrong side of the road there were a number of confused french drivers, but we managed to wrestle through pretty much unscathed.

Day 3 of the road trip through up another interesting situation. After discussing previously on the trip how foreign motorist were great targets for criminals, As we drove through Spain, and blacked out Audi with a CZ number plate speed past and immediately slowed down so that we had to then over take it. Following that the car then speed back up along side us and a very large bald man poked his head out of the window and tried to explain there was something wrong with the trailer. After a quick check in the mirror, the trailer seemed fine. The car the proceeded to try and usher us into the hard shoulder and a quick discussion in the van resulted in us speeding up and re overtaking the car. In response the car came back along side the man did a lot of shouting and then speed off. After a few mile we stopped in a service station the check the trailer and there was nothing wrong, so John and I had out smarted the road pirates who would have just robbed us if we had stopped!

Now we are here in Spain,
 The first few days of the camp were focused on getting the boats built and checked. We have been allocated boat 56. There are few images below of the boat build process

Boat Build 1
Boat Build 2

After spending a day and a half putting the boats together we finally made it to the water. The first few days of training have been in very light winds, but a good opportunity to check the systems on the boat all worked correctly.

Maiden Voyage

There even a little time over the light days to have a bit of fun and get creative on the boat, see below.


Yesterday was the first day that we had some good breeze. The boats really came into the own with the increased pressure. They seem to be very powered up and the loads relative to the viper are a lot more, guess that mean im going to be seeing more of the gym!

Stay tuned for more pictures and updates, I'm working on the 720 spin now!