Yesterday was the first day we able to sail the new boats in some breeze.It was...... Crazy. As we left the beach is was obvious that the breeze had taken a step up, and as soon as we started our first powered up run, the boat just came alive.

Because of the boat's curved dagger boards it means you are able to do some pretty impressive things. On our initial upwind we wanted to see how the foils reacted to body weight and at one stage we got a little too far back in the boat and manged to pull off a bit of a wheelie.

Down wind the key was to keep the boat as flat as possible in the water, As the windward hull lifted, the foil worked harder and harder tending to want to throw the boat into the air. But as the day went on we were able to manage the boat better and better. We hit the beach as the sun was setting and stoked from a cracking sail.

Breeze looks like it could be back on again today, but its light at the minute. So we have a morning of fitness and then an afternoon sail planned. Check back soon for more updates.