Yesterday I had one of the fasted sails of my life. The wind was strong in the 20kt range and the water was flat. A lot of people had explain to me how you are able to push these boats downwind harder because of the curved foils. but when we launched and popped the kite, I was blown away by the speed of the N17.

After an incredible long downwind where the boat just felt like it was going faster and faster, We teamed up with the John and Pip for some upwind tuning. After some initial wheelies we got into the swing of things and had great upwind speed in the breeze.

Once we reached the top of the harbour, it was time to come back down. After learning from the last time we were straight into sending the boat as fast as we could, and then SNAP.

Broken Board

The port (leeward) dagger board had snapped. Nacra had warned us that this may happen and the would be replacing the current boards with some beefed up ones soon. We have a spare set to keep us on the water. But this may put an end to our windy training for now.

More details to come.