Again sorry there hasn't been more updates. I am now sat in a German service station with rich, on our way back across Europe! The last time i updated this we were cruising with the front runners in 10th, Unfortunately since then things didnt go quite so well. Over the rest of the regatta we really struggled with boat speed, the meant hold and clean lane around the course was very hard. After sailing as hard as we could and trying everything to make the boat go faster, we ended up 32nd. Probably where we expected to be before the regatta, but after the first day it seems a bit disappointing. Any how we all really enjoyed the regatta, and learnt lots. We are now more focused than ever on the 2012 J80 Worlds campaign. We made some good contact with the fast boats and want to try and do some training with them over winter so keep and eye out for new happenings!



AuthorTom Phipps