Sorry it has been so long, internet is quite hard to come by when you camping! I am sat in Dragor YC, while we wait for the wind to fill in. It is now day 2 of the regatta and things have been going pretty well so far! Yesterday we had a serious BDOTW (big day on the water) We left the dock at 9am and didn't return until 8pm! The day was very sunny and there was only a little wind. In the first and second race we had great starts and managed to score a 15th and 10th which we were very pleased with. The final race of the day which started at 6pm we had a tricky start but managed to battle our way through alot of the fleet to finish 24th. It was very hard day and alot of people we all over the place results wise, so overall we are currently 10th. The points are pretty close so racing will be hard today as well. I will try and keep you up to date, check back soon!


AuthorTom Phipps