So it has been a very long time coming but finally we have the new boat in our possession, and having done 2 days training we now feel completely ready for the up and coming europeans. But that is jump ing ahead a little bit, let me go back to where i left you a month or so ago.

After traveling home from santander, Nik and I entered the weird 'Limbo' block between the the final old boat regatta and the new boats arriving. We started trying the prepare ourselves as best as possible to hit the new boat hard when we got it. Along with the rest of the british nacra teams we made great use of our time training on the A class cats and trying to master some of the skill we will need. Everything was getting very exciting, when a week before the scheduled delivery we were told by Nacra that there was a 3-4 week delay. This was a fairly major curve ball, we had ferries and logistics planned, but after a mini crisis meeting we managed to get things rearranged and planned in some extra preparation training. With the extra time it was really nice to be able to get Nikki down to cornwall where we used the Windsport facilities and a Flying Phantom to develop our foiling skills a little more.

Finally after an unexpected couple of weeks it was time to go and collect the new boat. As with any new boat into an olympic environment there is a fair bit of work to do to her before she is fully race ready. This whole boat work period was now quite time sensitive, because of the delivery delay our boat collection was now only a week before our european championships! Nik and hurried over to Holland and back a began the process of getting the boat sorted for sailing. I need to say a big thanks to GP Sails and Zest Boat Works at this stage, they we absolutely brilliant in the couple of days we worked on the boat.  

So finally after 2 days in the workshop and another long day in the hanger at the academy on Portland, the boat was fit to float. The last thing we needed was to name her, Thankyou for all of your suggestions some distinctly better than others, but eventually we have settled on the name 'Umi'. In Japanese Umi means Sea or Ocean so we felt was a particularly fitting name for us to start this Journey to Tokyo with. So meet Umi or 海, we are very happy with her!

Lastly just before we needed to catch the ferry back out in the direction of Germany for the europeans, we were able to squeeze in a couple of days training in weymouth. It was a good opportunity to make sure the boat was all working well, and as i said at the start, we have done 2 days training now so are completely prepared for the europeans!

And that takes us up until now, where, based on what I have experienced so far, I can only describe as Rainy germany is hosting us. We have had another day on the water now, which takes us up to a whopping 3! Will hopefully get a bit more time out there in the next few days before racing starts on Monday.  Stay up to date on results etc here,

For now, we best get back to working out how to sail this thing! 

Cheers All