So as all you guys know this season has been full on. Since the introduction of the new boat things have been nuts, really nuts! If im honest its been a pretty stressful for both of us. Like anything in life too much of somthing can start to be a bit unhealthy, and Nik and I did a lot of nacra'ing.

To that end, nik and I are taking a little pressure off the sailing element to the campaign currently, to ensure we come back in a month or so with refreshed enthusiasm and passion for it. We are continuing to work hard on all the other parts that make up our Olympic campaigning, and im sure we will spend some time on the water too. But we both recognized that we were becoming a little burnt out, and needed some rest time before the new season begins next year. 

I am really looking forward to resetting and coming back refreshed and stronger in the new year and tackling this huge challenge. As I said in the mean time we will continue to develop ourselves within the British sailing team, physically and mentally working with the brilliant specialists. It also will give both Nik and I some time to reflect on what we have done and make a good plan to move ourselves forward. This is me doing some reflecting - cornwall style!


As ever thanks to everyone for your continued support,