In some ways would like to say that I have had a nice rest and recovery since the madness of Weymouth World Cup, but a wise man once said to me that you can rest when you're dead, and bearing that in mind I have had rather a busy and exciting week. Having arrived home on the Sunday evening, the boat was up on trestles in the workshop by 7 the following morning. I had 3 days to get her back up to speed before leaving again. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were full of fibreglass and filler as we slowly identified and sealed all the internal leaks on the boat. As a bit of a rest from the hole plugging I made an afternoon trip to Plymouth where I collected the team van for the weekend trip. As you can see, it's quite a beast, I have now resorted to calling it the tour bus rather than van. 


Having covered myself in fibre glass for 3 days it was back up to Weymouth for some specific speed work before our worlds trip. It was a fantastic 2 days on the water, we made some great steps in set up, which should hold us in good stead for the up and coming world championships. This is a little video of us ripping across a beautiful Weymouth bay. Yew!

Get some

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Next up on my week of rest was the small matter of popping over to France for my first experience of Flying Phantom sailing. Words can honestly not describe how incredible the boats and sailing them is. The closest I can get is saying EDOTW, epic day on the water. Foiling is the future of high performance cat sailing and I love it. Over the summer I should be out on the FP a bit more so stand by for some awesome sailing and crashes!!!

Now I am on my way to meet Nikki before we start the long drive out to Aarhus in Denmark for our world championship build up. I have no doubt there will be some antics so get ready! Since writing that bit, I was unable to find any internet to post it so now I can confirm after 36hrs of traveling we eventually made it safely to Arhus. Straight into it tomorrow. Yew.