Given the all the boat issues and 'hamperings' we had in the lead up the the World Cup in Weymouth, I guess we should be happy we both made and were there in one piece. Though at this stage in the Olympic cycle just turning up doesn't really cut it, so we were determined and more focused than ever. 

Having raced the UK leg of the Olympic circuit 3 years in a row now, I am starting to think that it is, and will always be windy for that specific week of the year. This year was no different bar one day where there was no wind at all and thus no racing, other than that it was windy all week and we had been assigned course F. Which as it happens if very appropriately named, as it was F'ing miles away. Even in a Nacra at full speed it was an hours sailing, for the poor Finns it must have felt like a transatlantic crossing.

Now back to the racing, let's start with the opportunities. Throughout the week Nikki and gave it everything, but we were unfortunately lacking in a bit of upwind speed. As you can imagine this has a fairly detrimental effect on ones performance and in turn limits the options you have around the course. In some ways the fact that this was our major limiting factor is a good thing. We know where the gain is and it's just a matter of some further rig and boat development to gain that extra 1/2knt up wind. Have no doubt that between now and our worlds in a few weeks time we will be doing everything we can to make up those final horse powers. 

Honestly outside of a bit of speed, we were sailing brilliantly. Our starting was spot on and like in Medemblik we controlled and sailed away cleanly from pretty much all of the starts. Our downwind pace was awesome, both the coaches we worked with over the week were really impressed with our wheels downwind, and the control we had in what was some pretty fruity conditions.

All of that put together left us in 15th overall. The best result either of us have had at a World Cup so far, but we are firmly under the impression that given our extra 1/2knt of upwind speed we have all the ingredients for some seriously good results. So that is our focus now, the hours that we put in before the worlds will lend themselves to upwind speed and then by the time we get to Denmark hopefully we will be ready to fully unleash ourselves! As you may have read the team for the Olympic Test event has been selected now, and congrats to 2 friends of mine John and Hannah on that. But also know that the selection for the actual 2016 Olympics is on going, and Nikki and I are certainly moving in the right direction, and hey if not Rio, Tokyo would be pretty cool in 2020 as well! Regardless, rest assured we are on it.

Training over the next week and then of out to Denmark for our worlds preparation, stand by.