Nikki and I are back out in Palma now, having had a short stint in the Uk for some necessary errands its good to be back on Majorca. 

Initially arriving on Tuesday, we were a little disappointed to find that it was raining. We spend the whole day on Wednesday putting the boat back together and getting out for a little sail in the pouring rain. It had rained so hard that the boat park had pretty much turned into a swimming pool. 

'Normal' Palma

'Normal' Palma

But on Thursday the weather changed. We were back to 'normal' Palma weather. Rather excitingly the film team that have been working with us had made the trip out to Palma too. They joined us in the morning and got a taste of what its like in the build up to an olympic regatta. By midday the breeze had kicked in and we were back out on the water. We had a great session joining in with some of the coach lead racing. At this stage in the build up its great for Nikki and and I to do some racing and get into the right frame of mind. 

Friday was an awesome day on the water the breeze was up and the sun was shining. The film team joined us on the water and I hope got some fantastic shots of us flying around the bay. It did all end rather abruptly when our mainsail lock ring gave out, and we were forced to drop the main and sail in under jib. 

That takes us through until today, where we plan to register for the regatta get the boat through measurement and then escape Can Pastilla for a few hours for a change of scenery. Tomorrow is the final day before racing, where we will join in with the practice race and get the boat polished and ready for battle.

The regatta website is have a look for live tracking and results during racing next week.