Having had a fantastic training block in Palma Nikki and I were able take a brief pit stop and head back to the UK for a few days. As ever in sailing the few planned days of relaxation are always filled with the errands you never get the chance to do while you are away.

So the good news is I am a few kilos lighter and a whole lot more aero after having my what can only be described a 'stig of the dump style' hair cut. I have an updated Options prescription, allowing me to actually see a lot better, and following some stunning weather here in the beautiful cornwall I am feeling very refreshed and raring to go when we get back out to Palma.

Other poignant moments that have happened while being back include, having my arse handed to me in an epic 6 player Catan battle. Its an awesome board game, and normally one in which I'm quite handy at, but not this time. I spend some time over the weekend helping my brother (very close friend) Dan and his wife Amy with some work on there dart. Boat work never seems to be far from me, but it was nice to be working outside in the sun, getting covered in gelcoat and fibre glass. Also mum rustled up another delicious roast dinner which we shared with my Uncle and Auntie who have recently returned from the Hang Gliding world championships in Mexico. Was awesome to hear about all the stories and intricacies of another sport. Think i need to have a go at it now http://www.flycloud9.co.uk/

I leave the shire in a few hours now and drive back up towards London for my flight tomorrow morning. Really looking forward to getting back out there and getting some more hours in with Nikki on the water.

Stand by, the build up to the big regatta is just about to begin!