We have been here in Palma for a couple of days now. After arriving on the 7am ferry wednesday morning, we spent much of the morning putting the boat together, as we built her we check and replaced many of the control lines and sheets. Following a morning of rigging and feeling especially tired after of monumental drive down over the preceding days, we left the dinghy park to find our accommodation. We are stay with a lovely friend of Zennor’s called Claire, she is involved with the super yacht scene here and has a great apartment in Palma city. For the rest of the day we spent our time settling in and having a well deserved rest.


Day 2 and we were in the boat park early putting a few finishing touches to the raft, and then before we knew it we were out yachting in Palma bay, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing. It was actually really quite windy at times. After an initial systems check we quickly found a Spanish team to train up against, and i am pleased to say it was a very promising match. While given our light weight we need to work hard upwind, our speed was overall really good. But it was the down winds where we were really making our money, we were flying, faster and lower. If I’m honest I was surprised at the difference. We came back to the beach really stoked and buzzing after our first session on Mediterranean waters. After our sail we gave the boat a good wash down, and then organised the registration for the training regatta for the proceeding days.


So now it is friday and Day 3, today is the first day of the training regatta. There are at least 32 entries, which is a pretty big step up for us! It will be a great opportunity to find our feet on the race course, and get a better measure of speed against the worlds best. So today is a big day for us, stay tuned to the twitter feed for more running updates, and wait for another blog update as the regatta gets underway.