5 Months ago when Zennor arrived home to Cornwall, it felt like we had so much time to train and get everything together ready for Palma. But now we are about to leave, and it feel like Zennor got home only yesterday.

That said it is fair to say that we are a ready as we will ever be, and really have made the best of a tricky winter in cornwall. It has already been said a few times but, Living so close to each other really was our saving grace. It meant we able to get out on the water in the short windows between storms, so overall we haven't lost too many hours on the water. 

During the winter we have been overwhelmed by the interest and support from the local cornish community and businesses. Notably Savills Estate Agents in Truro and Healeys Cider Farm have contributed to the costs and made our first regatta possible. So a huge heartfelt thanks to them. I would also like to mention Typhoon International for supplying us with some great kit, Cusgarne Organic Farms for keeping the team well nourished, and also Windsport International for supplying ‘Blink’ the boat. Picnic Cornwall and BBC Radio Cornwall have been great at helping us to get our message out. For us cornish sailors, it is important to connect with the local people and build the support surround the team.

Back to some of the on water activities, Over the weekend Zennor and I made the trip up to weymouth for another of the national ranking series. Like last time it wasn't a huge fleet, but a great chance for some racing none the less. Over the weekend we had a real range of conditions, from 4kts to 14kts, waves and flat water. And the good news is it seems out winter training has really paid off. Our boat speed and handling in those conditions was really good, and out of the 7 races over the weekend we came away with 7 1st places. Not quite a gold medal in rio, but a great start!

Today (monday) we are training with a couple of other boats here in weymouth before driving up to dover for our evening ferry to calais, then the long drive down to Barcelona before hopping on the final ferry over to Palma. So stay tuned for updates!

Lastly on the subject of support, Zennor and I are now only one step there, we need to raise continued support for the rest of the year, so that we can attend the other Olympic regattas. If you have any ideas for us on how to raise a bit more support please get in touch.

Thanks again everyone,

T and Z