Right so I should probably explain this long silence. Well firstly don't worry I'm not dead, but things have been pretty up in the air over the last few weeks. After returning from the world championships I had a lot on my mind, and following some discussions with close friends, family and the RYA I have decided that I feel my best route to Olympic Gold is take up a helming position again. 

In the past I have always helmed catamarans and I honestly feel that I am gifted in that role. I have had great success in a range of catamaran classes but possibly the most revealing in this case was winning the F16 Europeans last year against was is the majority of the Nacra class. When I initially teamed up with Lucy, I took on the crewing role because at that time I simply believed that girls would really struggle at the front. That myth has now been dispelled and as it happened the entire podium at the would championships was made up of female crews and male helms.  

So a move to the back of the boat has brought about a lot of change, there is only room for one helm on each boat so unfortunately Lucy and I have decided to go our separate ways. Lucy has continued to sail with a new partner and is currently doing a good job out at the Europeans. 

I realised that when I made this decision I was going to take a hit program wise. It was likely that I would lose the current funding level Lucy and I had achieved, I would be boatless and crewless until I had that side of thing sorted, but I knew that this was something I needed to do. 

Since making the call I have been working on things 100%, and I am starting to get things sorted for what is really a fresh start. As I write this I am sat at Dover ferry port awaiting the ferry to Calais, where I am making the trip up to Nacra in Holland to Collect my new boat. Next week I have a great potential crew option coming down to Cornwall for some training time as a trial for establishing the new team. After some conversations with the RYA it seems likely that I will remain on funding, all be it at a lower level, but with a new drive to move back up the ladder rapidly.

All in all, I am overwhelming exciting about this new step in my sailing career, it's not going to be easy and short term I have made life harder for myself, but the long term I believe things will be a whole lot better!. What I can say is that I am now more focused and up for it than ever, and I truly believe that between myself and my new sailing partner we will do everything we can to secure Gold in Rio.