Sorry for the lack of updates during the regatta, No excuse really other than I was genuinely pooped at the end of every day!

Last time i updated was after the day we were abandoned due tot he strong winds, so winces then….

Day 3
This was the hardest day of the week for us as a team. It was one of those days when nothing seemed to go our way. For some reason within the set up our boat speed was poor and we couldn't for love nor money make the boat go quickly. We spent a lot of the day trying things to find a better groove, but we just seems o keep missing it. That combined with some silly sailing errors around the course lead to 3 fairly average races! 11,8,15

Day 4
This was a day of change, Lucy and sat down in the morning and decided to take a fresh approach to the rest of the regatta, start again in a way! It seemed to work boat speed was back up and we also had some great starts. The shifty conditions made racing really tricky one minute looking good and then next back in the pack, but we raced at the front of the fleet all day and lead the majority of the final race before getting the last few shifts wrong. A much better day, 6,3,5

Day 5
Day 5 was the final day of the regatta, and unfortunately because of our position going into the day we hadn't made the medal race by 1 place. So for us and the rest of the fleet we had one final race to count toward our final score. This was an odd race as it alone could have very little effect on the overall standings. But we treated it like it was any other race and sailed as hard as we could. Wow our first race win of the olympic campaign. We were on fire, great boat speed and great tactical sailing. Shame we didn't have more of that form at the beginning of the week!!!

Home now for a week before going back to weymouth for training and Sail for Gold Regatta. During the week Lucy and I have been invited up to Buckingham Palace for a garden party with the queen, I am very excited! I have a new suit especially so stay tuned for some pictures of me all dressed up and sipping tea with the queen!