Sorry for not updating yesterday, but here 2 lots of updates!

Day 1

We were scheduled for a late start but because of the little time we had already spent on the water, we decided to go out early. It was COLD! really cold! Despite the miserable cold wet weather the breeze was actually quite nice. After a quick tune up all felt ok and before we knew it we were into racing.

Race 1, after a tricky start we generally had pretty good speed around the course and battled with the front bunch, however unfortunately after a close port/starboard we were forced to double tack and lost a lot of boats. We eventually finished 7th. 

Unfortunately that seemed to be the best of our day, the following 2 races were a real struggle, we just didn't seem to have the pace we had in race 1. We worked so hard and it was really frustrating to see other boats going quicker than us. We dug in and scored an 11 and 12.

At the end of day 1 we were in 12th overall.


Day 2 (today)

We had a early planned for today, I was really breezy and literally just after i had finished putting on my wet wetsuit and rigging the boat, we were postponed. and that was how it stayed. We didn't sail today so as a squad we had a quick trip to a local town.

There is a better forecast for tomorrow so we will i'm sure be on the water. check back for tomorrows updates and hopfully better results!