Yesterday I woke up a quite the ungodly hour of 4am, after the early start and a short plane ride, I along with Ben touched down in sunny Palma. A quick taxi ride lead us to the boat park and sailing club and the boat building melee commenced! Astonishingly the boat actually went together rather smoothly, we spent the remainder of the day refining a few systems and giving the boat a real check over.

Day 2 in Palma, Awoke to not such sunny skies, but the big difference was the amount of seaweed on the beach. Strong winds over night had pushed all the weed up the beach making it very hard to launch. But between the squad we wrestled the boats through and hit the water for the first time. Palma has much larger waves the Murcia where we have been training, so for the first hour it really was a find your feet exercise. Once we were a little more in tune with the waves we moved on to doing some speed work with the rest of the squad, and we were quickly joined by a lot of foreigners. The speed felt really good against both the British teams and the uninvited guests!

Tomorrow is due to be very windy and given the surf beach we are sailing from it is likely to make launching pretty interesting, so we will have to see! Pictures and more updates to follow!