So our time in Murcia has come to an end. After 4 packed training camps, lots of learning and numerous laughs we and the rest of the squad are relocating to Palma for the first regatta of the year. As I write this I am sat on the plane back to the UK, while Lucy and Ben take the boats/trailer/rib up to Alicante and then on the ferry over to Palma. They will drop the kit off and then follow us back to what i hear is a very chilly England!

Our time in Murcia has been very very valuable we have really put the hours in on the water, much more than we would have been able to in the UK. While we know we have along way to go, Lucy and I feel as prepared as we can be for Palma and we will just have to see how it all goes. Palma Regatta is the first OCR (Olympic Classes Regatta) in Europe of the season, its the time when teams find out if all their winter training has paid off. The event starts on April 1st, but we leave the UK on the 25th of march for some pre-event training.

In the mean time I am looking forward to some rest and relaxation back at home with good friends and family. However I have no doubt I will spend alot of my time helping my farther at windsport, so I think the rest and relaxation may be a bit of a long shot!

As I'm sure you have seen, I have now done a small edit of some of the footage we have built up over the training period, but since that edit i already have lots of new stuff so the next one is coming soon! Suggestions on a sound track are welcome!

Lucy and I are now fully launched into the new campaign and we are in the process of looking to build a support and sponsorship network around us to make the campaign possible. If you feel like you can help in anyway please get in touch. I am currently working on an information pack for the campaign and team, so if you do want more information again please get in touch.

Right we are about to land, so i better turn this off, I will let you know if anything exciting happens between now and Palma, otherwise next stop PALMA, can't wait!