Today was EPIC!

Normally I wouldn't do a full update based on a single training session, but this one deserves it!
After a blown out day yesterday Zennor and I were itching to get on the water. This morning was stunning sailing, perfect breeze in Weymouth harbour, we really consolidated all the work we have putting in recently. But it was the afternoon session which was really special.
Over lunch the breeze built, we were looking at a constant 20kts by the time we were ready to sail again. I did think it might be a bit on the edge, but decided not to mention that to Zennor as, I'm sure we would have talked ourselves out of it if we had the chance. instead we just carried on as usual.
As we launched I think it's fair to say the breeze built again, and we sailed up wind absolutely flying! But when we turned to sail downwind the boat really came alive, what was great was the fact that both Zennor and I stuck to our routines and all the boat handling actually happened really smoothly! Hoists, drops tacks and gybes all went really well. We were stoked! I had a huge grin all the way downwind!!

Racing starts tomorrow, forecast looks light, but it's all good practice so check back to see how it goes.