Yesterday saw the first day of what is intended to a very successful Olympic campaign. Since moving back into a helming role, I have been search of the right person to team up with. After careful consideration it was a fairly easy choice, I am now sailing with Zennor Poscoe. Zennor is another Cornish local, which is great as it make for easy assessable training based here in Falmouth. She is also one of the most focused people I have ever met, I wouldn't want to be the one to get in the way of what she wants!



Yesterday was Zennors first day in the boat "properly", we did do a taster weekend a month or so ago, but yesterday was our first day training in anger! Considering the small amount of cat sailing Zennor has done up until now, she is getting around the boat amazingly. We spent the day working on the core boat handling elements, and even over the few hours we were on the water there was a marked improvement from both of us.   


From now on we aim to be really putting the hours in before it gets really cold. Zennor and I are also trying to raise awearness and support for the new team, so please get in touch if you feel like you can help in any way. 

Check back for more updates on training, Video coming soon!