Over the weekend I have been working with Team Cobalt Catamaran boys, They are developing a new foiling catamaran to challenge the 'round the island' record. As a warm up event the team are looking to be part of speed week in Weymouth and demonstrate the boats potential.


Over the last few weeks, I have been in contact with Jack Gifford the designer of the project, he asked if I would be able to get involved and help out. What young catamaran sailor wouldn't want to be involved with a foiling raft!!!!

On Saturday I woke up at 5.30am and drove to jacks work shop with a trailer in tow to load the weapon and take it to Weymouth. On arrival we got inside the hanger, and before we even started putting the boat together some familiar faces showed up. It seems Paul and Helena from sail rocket are just drawn to crazy catamaran projects! It was great to see them, It was also great to see Richard Glover for the first time in a while and I must thank them for getting involved and helping over the day! After a long day of boat work and tinkering, we were eventually kicked out at midnight.

Sunday started with another early morning to watch the Japanese GP, gutted for Hamilton in turn 1! Once we had seen Vettel all but secure title it was back to business, the boat still needed a lot of work, so we cracked on. Another full day of work and finally the boat is ready to go.


Unfortunately we didn't manage to get the boat on the water while I was there, but the boys aim to have it sailing during the week so let see how it gets on! 

I am back in Cornwall now, preparing for the re-ignition of the 2016 Olympic campaign, so stay tuned for updates very soon!