First day of actual racing today. The start was supposed be at 12.00 but when Nikki and I arrived at the committee boat, we were told that it had been postponed due to light winds. We decided to sail back upwind and in as it was very hot on the water. As we hit the beach the AP was lowered so we had to relaunch straight away. Race 1 we decided to have a relitivly conservative start but it was clear the the right hand side of the beat was favoured so we made space to tack. We had great boat speed upwind and rounded the first mark 4th or 5th, but again sailing straight for the wind on the down wind leg as well moved us up into 2nd. With only two laps we had to make the most of the upwind as the breeze shifted we tacked early on the layline but due to the shift were lifted up around the mark in 1st place. Covering downwind secured the win. not bad for race 1!

Race 2 was similar conditions, learning form race 1 we started on the committee boat and tack straight for the breeze. We lead from start to finish and took race 2 aswell after 3 laps of covering the fleet.

Race 3 the breeze was droping off, another great start put us 3rd at the windward mark, after a long battle with the boats in front we eventually crossed the line in 2nd place when the race was shortened. 

So an awesome first day, 1,1,2. currently 1st overall but we have to do it again tomorrow. Check back soon to see what happens!


AuthorTom Phipps