Learning from yesterday the race committee decided on a 13.00 start time in order for the wind to establish before racing. Despite delaying the start the wind still took it time to come in, but after a short postponement race 4 began. For us, it began horribly. The one boat that happened to be OCS was sat on top of us and we were forced into a bad lane. after clearing our air and sailing a tidy first beat we round the windward mark 9th/10th. It was hard to work our way back through the fleet because the race course was extremely one sided, but using our great pace, we managed to pick off a few downwind eventually finishing 5th.

Race 5 our start was better but still not perfect, after trying to find the best lane upwind we couldnt stick completely to the pre race plan and rounded mark 1 in 5th. Some very close racing around the course made for some great sailing. On the final upwind we got the shift just right and sailing into 2nd place, covering downwind secured the result.

The final race of the day we thankfully got a great start, and like they say 'the rest is easy'. We had great pace both up and down wind so it was just a matter of covering the fleet and keeping an eye out for where the channels of breeze were. so race 6 was another 1st for us.

All the boats around us also had another good day so its still tight at the top. Similar conditions expected for tomorrow so check back soon to see how it goes!


AuthorTom Phipps