Bonjour, and thats where my french stops, much to the dismay of the lady in the supermarket today. Based on the numerous awkward games of charades I end up playing, I really would like to and feel as though I should learn to speak another language, but as you will all be very aware, I can’t even communicate in english without a mass of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, imagine the mess i would make in a foreign tongue! 

Right my life skills aside, Nik and I are back in the what is now very familiar french town of Hyeres for the first of the european World Cup regattas of the year. This is an annual stop on the Olympic sailing circuit and is a very welcome change from the currently all too chilly waters of England. Honestly, I used to be hard, the cornish waters were embraced all year round, but having dipped myself in them a few times last week, I believe I can can confirm that I am now a fair weather sailor, must be the age. 


Anyway we have been here for a couple of days now and the French Riviera hasn’t failed us. Glorious sunshine and good breeze has meant we have been able to get some brilliant training in. Like normal we have been working with our German friends and seem to be getting more and more out of the boat. 

Racing doesn’t start until Wednesday next week (27th), through until then we are planning to make the most of this champagne sailing. We have a few new things to test out so hopefully that will take us another step forward. As and when we do make to racing you can follow the results/pictures/tracking/etc here -

For now we are all off for an early night as tomorrow looks like it could be a big day on the water. I will try to get a few pictures of us sailing out here, it really is brilliant sailing.