Nik and I have been out in Barcelona for a week now, it's has been fairly relentless, even our lay day yesterday turned into a bit of a workout. We found ourselves in the middle of this

Unbeknown to us, the province of Catalana was staging a political march, campaigning for independence. We had planned to just cruise into the city for a bit of sight seeing and shopping, but due to the 1.4 million people that reportedly descended upon the city for the rally, our plans were some what thwart. It was actually quite an experience to be stuck in the middle of such an event, but when we decided to head home it turned out trams were not running and our only option was the taxi of death. After nearly mounting several pedestrians squeezing through gaps in the traffic which seemed to small for a moped let alone a car and heading in the complete opposite direction for most of the trip we eventually made it home. Our relaxing day off was not quite as we had imagined. 

Taxi of Death

Taxi of Death

Outside of causing political unrest we have been doing a lot of sailing. We are working closely with a very nice German team, trying and testing new ideas and we seems to be making good progress. The new boat 'Swifty' is living up to her name. The sailing academy here in Barcelona is incredible, great sailing, all the facilities we could ever need, and for the most part it has been warm and sunny. We have seen generally light winds, so it will be nice to stretch our legs a little bit in the breeze that is forecasted for the next couple of days. Though as I write this I am starring out at one big old mirror. Let's hope the sea breeze kicks in soon! 

Cheers for now, more updates to come!