I feel a little as though I have just dropped a mirror, watching a single magpie while walking over 3 drains and under a ladder, if you catch my drift.

Holland for us was definitely a mixed bag. As you may have noticed from the little snippets of news we have been forced to pull of Holland regatta. A structural failure in the port hull due to a manufacturing fault lead to the boat splitting along its keel line, this not surprisingly is pretty bad and a big job to fix. Due to the fact that weymouth world cup regatta is now just around the corner, we felt it was best to cut our losses and make sure the boat is back up and running for then. 

😔 On route home #flexiisnotsexy

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It wasnt all bad though, despite leaking like a sieve we managed to sail the first 2 days of the regatta and considering it all we weren't going half badly! Having spent a lot of time working on our starting they had drastically improved and we held of every start. At the start of the day and in the training we did prior to racing our boat speed felt great, a combination of changes seems to have been really effective.

We now have quite a bit to sort out with bits of boat in different place but dont worry both us and the boat will be back stronger for Weymouth world cup, so stand by.