Right well as you may have seen from my previous posts there is quite a lot going on at the minute. Nikki and I have been working tirelessly and everything is in full swing as we near the business part of the nacra season. A few hours at home and we are off again, Im glad im so stoked for this next trip because leaving this would be tricky!  

Stunning Mylor

Stunning Mylor

In an attempt to clarify everything that is going on I am going to for the first time on here adopt bullet points. Also it will hopefully mean that you wont have to read through so much miss-spelt phippsy waffle, a little like the current paragraph. 

  • Course Rio, I have now sat down with Dave the director and had the first screening of the documentary we have been working on. The team have done an amazing job, somehow out of the hours of me bimbling around in front of the camera they have created an awesome and very professional edit, which even makes me look a little dignified. We have a few tweaks to make and a little more footage to gather and then it will be out there for your viewing pleasure!
  • Peggy Sue, she is the new addition to the armada. I perhaps didnt make it very clear before but she isn't a new boat, she is new to me but nikki has had her a while. She is a little less used than dear old blink and thus is our new racing machine for the rest of the season, though I think we need to come up with a way of getting old of a shiny new one soon!
  • Eurofit join the team, Mike Gomme a friend and fellow catamaran sailor heads the company which has come on board as part of our support. Its great to have the guys behind us and their help will most definitely go a long way in moving us forward. Have a look at our sponsor page (click here) for more info

  • Off to holland, following all of our training and what feels like a couple of hours at home, we are now off to Holland for delta lloyd regatta. As i write i am sat on Nikki's sofa, before we head to dover first thing tomorrow morning. I am really looking forward to our time away. Between the changed we have made to the boat and all the hours we have put in training on the water, i feel as though we have made some great steps. It will be good to put some of them to the test against the big guns out in holland.

Stand by for some more updates in the next few days, we will be rigger and ready hopefully tomorrow evening!, so sailing commences on Saturday! YEW!