Having just returned from hyeres, its now time to reflect. With french vocabulary now containing phrases like 'où sont mes pantalons' and 'écouter le chien' perhaps my language skills havent taken a massive leap, but one thing that has is Nikki and I as a team. If there was ever an example of a process regatta Hyeres world cup was a good one'

A process regatta is one where you focus on the nuts and bolts of racing rather than the finished product. Nikki and I knew we had areas to work on off the back of Palma, so during the regatta it was a focus for us to look at and break down these specific skills and processes. On that front we have made to great steps, It can often get a bit frustrating for us as racers to know that the important bit isn't always where you cross the finish line, but we knuckled down and for sure learned a huge amount from the exercise. 

We had also made some physical changes to the boat in the lead up to racing, these also seemed to have a pretty positive effect over the performance. its not quite there, but we already have the next iteration in the pipe line so stand by for further gelcoat and epoxy photos.

All of the pieces for the puzzle are starting to emerge now, and leading up to our World championships and the Weymouth world cup regatta we will start putting them all together.  

The next regatta for Nikki and I is Delta Lloyd in Medemblik, Holland. That isn't until later on in May so before then we have a few technical projects on the go and we are going to be spending some serious time in weymouth training. Medemblik will be out final 'process regatta of the year' after that it is full pedal to the metal for Weymouth world cup and our World Championships.

Bit more news to come, so stand by for the next update.

Cheers All