As with any long silence, in this business it's not because nothing has been happening. In fact it's quite the opposite. 

Since returning from Miami a few weeks ago, things have taken a rather exciting turn. I have to say after initially being a little downbeat about the result in Miami, my motivation and excitement are now fully restored. Taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture Mary and I were probably just too late in combining as a team to launch a full assault on the 2016 games, and thus having given it our all in a truly admirable way, we have decided to call time on the partnership. Mary has been a great team mate and has taught me a lot in the last 6 months, she has just returned from racing an offshore out in the Middle East, and proving her great talent. We laughed a lot over the months sailing together and move forward happy and as good friends. 

Following this decision, and a few other changes within the program, An opportunity to sail with Nikki Boniface became an option. Nikki and I have a great history sailing together, in the summer before the Nacra 17 was released we raced together winning a nationals, European and World championship. A lot of which was raced against the same people in the nacra today. We have now teamed up officially and are both extremely excited and motivated about the development. We know everything can't happen at once, but intend to put the hours in, control all the detail and the results will follow. 

World Champions before the introduction of the Nacra

World Champions before the introduction of the Nacra

e have already managed to get some good training sessions in place and have spent time with the rya specialists putting all the foundations in place to build on as the team grows and improves. It is a bit of a case of jumping in at the deep end, we shortly leave for Palma training and Olympic regatta. The Miami container arrives home at the end of the week, we will need to quickly unload, use the weekend to get any little jobs done to the boat and then leave for Palma early the following week. 

Now the 'cat is out the bag' you will be happy in the knowledge that my incredibly grammar faulted blog updates will recommence. Stand by for the next chapter, it's going to be a good one.