So here we are,

A huge thank you to all of those who have contributed, I am now on the brink of the first Olympic regatta of the year and you have made this possible.

Tomorrow the Miami Olympic class regatta begins, we have had a fairly chilled lead up over the last few days, to make sure we are fully ready and raring to go for tomorrow. There has been a lot of Polishing and tinkering, and I think fair to say Blink is looking particularly good at the minute.

Having gone through registration and measurement yesterday, today we got out on the water for one final little sail. There was some racing being hosted by one of the other teams which we joined in with. It was a great little shake down before the real deal starts tomorrow, and was also a good opportunity to check in speed wise with the fleet. You will all be happy to know we seemed to be going rather well. 

Racing starts at 1pm for us tomorrow as we are sharing a race course. So technically we should have a nice lay-in, though I suspect I will be up early excited like a child on Christmas morning. Nothing like 'race day eve'. There will be live tracing of the racing which you can find at should provide a good evenings entertainment for you lot back home (6pm kick off)

Check back tomorrow for and update after day 1, there is a fair bit of breeze forecasted so I'm sure I will have much to say! 

Cheers all