We have been here for a few days now, and it has all been happening

We woke on the first morning especially sprightly due to a favourable time difference (its horrible going to the other way), then made our way down to the boat park. When we left prior to christmas it was very much 'our' boat park, but since going home and returning a bunch of other sailors have decided to infiltrate the area. Though the new arrivals did seem to give the dusty car park more of a bustling feel, so for now I will let them stay.

We pulled blink back out of the container where she had spent her christmas and began work. Day 1 was always going to be a boat work day, there were a few little gelcoat repairs needed and the hulls were due a good clean and polish. Our training partners Nikki and Rupert we running a similar program, and i think its fair to say a bunch of hours in the beaming sunshine, stood huddled over fiddling with various bits of boat took its toll. We were all victim to it but rupert got hit especially badly! 

We returned to the apartment convinced our rental car has miraculously gained seat heaters, only to find out it was our sunburnt backs heating the seats then the alternative. Moisturiser duly applied we all retired to bed.

Sunday morning was a bit hard work for me, Im pretty sure during our busy flight I had managed to catch a little bug (the illness kind, not an actual beetle or similar), and i was beginning to feel the symptoms, determined to power through we left for the boat park, rigged the boat and hit the water. It was a great sail, good breeze and we were flying, downwind especially. We had a good few hours working with Ru and Nikki, looking at boat speed in the changing conditions. Overall we felt pretty good for our first time out this trip, speed seemed good and after  a few teething problems with the refurbished dagger boards we had them up and running and the boat handling was back on form. While the sailing was great i could feel myself getting rougher as the day went on so after a good stint on the water we decided to call it a day.

Today is Monday and in a bid to rid myself of this little bug, I have been in the apartment most of the day. I feel so much better for it, and will be back on form again tomorrow. We have lined up a few other teams from other nations to train with. so stand by for more performance updates. Out for supper to celebrate one of the teams birthday this evening.