Sorry it has been so long, Those eagle eyed will have kept up to date via Twitter, but here is the last couple of weeks in a bit more detail. 

Following our awesome training week in Falmouth, we packed and loaded the boat for Holland. Our first stop in Holland was Marina Muiderzand, for a showcase team racing event. Some of the best nacra 17 sailors were at the invite only regatta, and we were joining them. We met up with our team mates the Arubans the day before the regatta and had some good training 1 on 1. 

After a very enjoyable evening with some great friend of mine from the Dart class, it was race day. Before the team racing event started, there was a limbo competition where the objective is to get the top of your mast as close to the water as possible without capsizing. Turns out this is a particular forte of ours, and having there not been a home advantage to the dutch team we would have won it! 


As you can see from the photo, we were team orange, and had to wear some very fetching onsie style suits. On a practical level there were actually quite good, very aero! But im not sure orange is my colour!

Following the limbo we were into team racing. Unfortunately the wind at this stage decided to get very flakey. Between ourselves and our team mates we were a little destroyed on the race course. but it was great fun. Sailing in front of a crowd, and doing something a little different. 


After a great day at the showcase, it was back to the serious business and off up to Medemblik for the next Olympic regatta. 

After last years Medemblik where it rained, hailed and blew dogs off leads all week, i wasnt expecting much. But all credit to Holland, it provided a great week of racing. A bit of everything 2 - 20kts, sunshine, rain and lightning. We had a solid week on the water. Still performing really well in the lighter conditions, but more importantly we made some great steps in the breezier weather. 

We finished the regatta in 11th place, which if i'm honest was a little disapointing because that meant we were just outside the medal race standings. But a great improvement none the less.

We are now back in the UK, and about to leave for weymouth, where we will be racing in the ryas Sail for Gold regatta. Its not looking like there will be a huge turn out, but a great opportunity for us to pitch ourselves against the other british boats.

Stay tuned for updates during the week. racing starts on monday.