After the excitement of the training regatta, It suddenly became rather quiet in the boat park. With most teams choosing to take advantage of their last chance to get home before the main regatta, we and a select committed few stuck around. 

Over the last week we have taken to opportunity to match up against some other teams, to work on speed and set up. This was something we were unfortunately unable to do while back in the Cornwall due to the lack of Nacra 17s down that way. 

On monday we were asked by a swedish team if we would match up against them. I was great to finally get some real speed work in, and the good news is we were fast, really fast. Despite the Swedish guys trying everything, they were struggling. 

We have spent the remainder of the week working with some friends of mine, an Australian team and a very experience Aruban team. Generally we have been going really well, across the conditions we have experienced Zennor and I are flying. 

We are really pleased with this, because up until we got here to Palma, all of our settings and speed work has been done completely based on feel, as we have had no other boats to reference against! So taking that into account and our good performance, it suggests we have a good feel for the boat, which is good to know!

Today (friday) was a really light wind day, so Zennor and I took the opportunity to make sure our new Kite is primed and ready. It is always nice to have a new kite on the front, gives you so much more direct power downwind. We joined in with the Italian squad at the end of the day for some racing, and in the race that we did, we used our great speed to lead from start to finish. Another good step along the road. 

We have 1 more week now before the big regatta. More and more teams are arriving by the day, 72 entries now, its going to be awesome! Looks like a bit more breeze forecast over the next few days, we will try and get a bit of footage.

Cheers All