The week began at home, Over Monday and Tuesday i was back in the shire of the beautiful Mylor, most of my time was taken up by running a few errands and generally catching up with all the other bits of my life outside of sailing. 

But before i knew it, it was Wednesday morning and I was back off to weymouth for another block of training. Having been away the previous weekend, Mary and I spend some time rebuilding the boat and readying her for the water. Following a couple of slightly unforeseen jobs much of the day had gone, so we retired back to our accommodation, knowing that the following day was going to be hard and painful.

Thursday was fitness testing day! Given my program over the last year, I knew that the test was going to be hard. I can honestly say i put everything i possibly had into it, following my max sprint test, i was exhausted. Sorry for the lack of photos, but if i am honest i'm not sure i had the strength to lift a camera at that stage of the day. From the test results the physiologist team will put together my new training planner for my work in the gym. Thursday was a hard day, but a good supper and a trip to the cinema was a good means of recovery.

Friday, finally some more time back on the water. We had a great sail, with 14-16kts and sunshine we managed to get a really good session on the water. We concentrated on a number of things but primarily mark roundings which really came on over the session. After the long sail we returned to the shore for lunch and a debrief. 

In keeping with our very busy week, my weekend was no different. Friday evening I developed my cultured side with a trip to the theatre. I watched Jeeves and Wooster, which was both hilarious and very clever. And then on Saturday it was down to a friend house for a black tie birthday party, it was a great evening full of a lot of dancing, in fact i rather wish i had worn my HR monitor and used it as a fitness session!

Im back in weymouth again now for a full week of training, so stay tuned for more updates and photos.