I know its a little late but welcome to 2014. Already it has been an action packed year for me. 

While the weather at the start of the year was a little wild, Zennor and I still found time to get on the water fairly frequently. Thats the beauty of both living so close, I am able to wake up draw the curtains, and if its sailable, call Zennor and be on the water within a hour. 

That said here are some awesome pictures of the early january storms

Alongside some amazing sailing sessions on the water Zennor and I have been back to the challenge of raising support for the campaign, and we have some good news to be revealed soon, but as ever we are still in need of continued support so please if you feel like you can help in any way get in touch. 

As you can see for the image above, the storms, the sailing and the promoting really took it out of us, but thankfully Mylor Cafe was there to provide a very comfortable sofa and lovely coffee, to keep us going. Following all the rush at the start of the year, I was fortunate enough to be able to get away for a week on the slopes, It was a great week full of friends and laughs, but don't worry, the thought of Olympic sailing was never far from my mind, making sure i didn't launch my self of any outrageously large cliffs!

Im am back now, and all in one piece much to Zennor's approval. The thought did cross my mind to wind her up a little, but i decided that really would be too cruel. Yesterday was our first day back on the water, it was a slow start breeze-wise, but by the time we had rigged and changed, falmouth provided some more champagne conditions. It was perfect for Zennor and I to get back into it, and the good news is we clicked straight back. It was like we had sailed the day before. All the routines and manoeuvres seem to pretty built into us now! 

After yesterdays first sail, we are once again on hold waiting for the morning calm to disappear, The forecast looks really nice again for the the afternoon. So stay tuned for some new pictures! 

Cheers TP